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Classified Ads Details

Ad Views 377
Title Price Category Brand Name Date
No Frills Buffalo Presents Flashes and Specks $12.95 Books for Sale-1 No Frills Buffalo 09/14/2012
No Frills Buffalo, Books for Sale-1Math, Madness and the End of the World.

Advanced Praise for Flashes and Specks:

This book will lure the reader into the psyche of a man who craves for a hero to fix things and make the villains go away. On the surface Henry seemingly lives a normal ordinary life, but underneath its really full of complex relationships and circumstances that are out of his control. The book is a fast read and I recommend it to anyone who want to read a present day story that shows how life can get in the way of real life. - Michele Tater, Review the Book

Flashes and Specks is a novel unlike any other I have ever read. This book is about much bigger issues than the people who create or participate in them. It is about school bullies, religious cults, relationships, death, the end of the world - all the things that tend to keep us up at night. All I can say is that Flashes and Specks made me think, and made me want to read it again. - April Sullivan, Reader Views

Flashes and Specks by Mark Pogodzinski is a mesmerizing, unforgettable, and totally unique novel which is written in thirty-five episodes, each one ending in an unresolved tease. The aforementioned adjectives also describe the characters whose dark sides slowly erode any illusions of sanity in their lives. I highly recommend this book as one that challenges the mind; it is also a fascinating read.  - Bettie Corbin Tucker, IP Book Reviews

Endlessly entertaining and intriguing. Unique and very highly recommended. - Micah Andrews, Mid-West Book Review

The storyline moves at a fast pace and the subjects and issues that Pogodzinski touches on are truly thought-provoking. The layout of the novel is original making for an interesting read. Flashes and Specks is a complex story which is philosophical and entertaining in nature. - Kam Aures, Rebeccas Reads

I was not initially expecting to like this book but by the time I'd finished it, I was converted enough to consider it a 'must read'. Flashes And Specks is just the right length for what it is but at the same time, it leaves you wanting more. Insightful, mind-bending and at times challenging to the point of being slightly depressing, Flashes and Specks will make you consider your own feelings on life's challenges. Surprisingly unforgettable. - Toni Watkins, Fiction-Net

Complex! Unusual! Original! Maybe even lunatic! This novel makes one suspend belief. It also holds the reader hostage: emotionally, psychologically and philosophically. Phew! This novel will satisfy their thirst for questions and answers, and make them want to ponder even more! Highly Recommended. - Cecilia Lee, AllBooks Review

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Contact Seller: mpogodzinski
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