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About MUTT Online Competition
The MUTT Online Competition is an online competion for artists, poet, writers and photographers to compete against other in their own category.

Members can simply create a gallery of their artwork. Anyone posting a MUTT Online Gallery automatically competes passively. You can compete actively by challenging others to Mutt2Mutt challenges to earn more competition points.

Best of all, there is no membership fees or cost to the competitors, and you can share your artwork with everyone at MUTT Online!

How it Works
Create a gallery for your artwork, there's no limit to the number of galleries a member can have and compete with.

Competition is divided into four classifications: Art, Poetry, Writing and Photography.

All galleries are scored by MUTT Online's visitors and members.

Winners are determined by point leaders in all four classes at the end of each competition cycle (once every three months).

Getting Started
Become a Member:
First, if your not already a member you need to join MUTT Online and activate your free membership by clicking the validation link in the registration email.

Add Your Members Profile Photo (optional):
Once you’re a member, it's a good idea to post a members profile photo first and have it activated before you start any gallery. Galleries will receive 200 bonus points if you have an active profile photo first, please note that the members photo must be activated before you start any gallery to receive your bonus points.

Create a Gallery:
When in the "My Gallery" section of your account click the link "Add New Photo Gallery" to start your gallery. It's very important to fill out the new gallery form as completely as possible. Don't skip these details because they become very important to the overall scoring process of your gallery.

You can allow other members to post comments to your gallery and still have the option to pre-approve all comments before they show on your gallery, this allows you the control to remove unfavorable comments.

Upload Photos:
Upload as many photos of the artwork as you like. Good quality pictures, photo title and description are the most important keys to doing well in this competition.

MUTT2MUTT Competition
MUTT2MUTT challenges are one of the must exciting parts of MUTT Online Competition. Competitors challenge each other in MUTT2MUTT battles for a set amount of points. A competitor can wager as high as 3000 points in a MUTT2MUTT challenge, but is limited to the amount that the challenger and opponent have available to wager from their current points.

The wager amount is set by the challenger and must be accepted or can be rejected by the opponent. Once a challenge is set the battle runs 72 hours and is determined by the gallery with highest MUTT2MUTT votes. If you win the battle the wagered points are added to your total competition points, if you lose, the wager amount is deducted from your points.

Remember that MUTT Online Competition is won by the highest points and MUTT2MUTT challenges can help level the playing field for many competitors. It allows the more modest and basic artwork to generate enough points in the competition to win over some of the bigger and more elaborate art.

Participating in MUTT2MUTT battles is optional to all competitors and is set when you first enter your gallery details. If you decide later you no longer like to receive challenges you can always edit your gallery to not except MUTT2MUTT challenges. You should read the "Competition Strategy" section before entering into any MUTT2MUTT challenges.

To challenge a gallery, just visit the gallery you like to challenge and click the "MUTT2MUTT battles" button at the top of the gallery and then on the MUTT2MUTT battles page, click the "Challenge this Gallery" button. Now select your gallery and then submit the challenge.

MUTT2MUTT Challenges:

The MUTT2MUTT strategy is straight forward; find a gallery close or similar to yoursand challenge it to a MUTT2MUTT Competition.

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