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  Rise, by LaylaBoswell
Luthersville, GA US
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Puddles of muddy water soak my feet
Drops of the downpour disguise my weeps
Slices and stabs of shallow breaths I release
Pain in my mind breaking as it peaks
Strands of hair cross over my face
Hiding the horrors of loneliness and mistakes
Walking through the waters and trees ahead
Chasing the demons I have chosen to bed
Trickles of blood dripping from my arms
And feet-from the briars that do little harm
That which nourishes me-destroys me as well
In the life I must live and here I will tell
Optimism has faded after these thirty years
Forgiveness has all but at once disappeared
They proved pointless for me to continue to bestow
Not for other, just this one, my Lady Sorrow
Revenge is not sweet but bitter to taste
But better to give than receive those mistakes
Shadows have followed my choices in life
Through the poor choices they continued to fight
For no good deed I had left undone
But no graces were given to the giving one
I fought battles and turned the other cheek
Only to be marred by the next save of the week
Advice and an ear were leant to the weary and stray
But no applause or praise came my way
Through my good I received the bad once again
Through my bad I was left with only the sin
Fought my fears and my foes until damage was deep
Climbed from desolate and poor and back on my feet
Stood taller and fearless from one life to the next
Clinging no longer on what I should expect
For the good things I receive I am more surprised
Than the damaged and broken will realize
For the only sun that graces my days
Is to burn and torment my peace and my ways
Moonlight and starlight release my pains
Oceans and winds keep me sane
Sleep and retreats to inside of my mind
To write and reflect on lifes fine lines
Seeking only guidance I remove those I see
Will replace them with other and set the old free
Innate ability to start over once more
Lady of Misery and Sorrow will rise only for&

Description: from my book "Life Between The Lines"

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