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36 results found!  
Title Price Category Brand Name Date
A review of 'Fiume - The Lost River' a historical novel by Branka Cubrilo N/A Fiction-38 09/07/2015
Review of Branka Cubrilo's latest novel "Fiume - The Lost River". 
UP CLOSE & PERSONAL SERIES- BOOK THREE $4.00 Fiction-38 Amazon 04/30/2015

One person endowed with an unusual gift, having seen before hand, the events that would come to past, holds the key that will change his friend's destiny. Larry Isère awoke in church, screaming after envisioning the death of all his friends. The accident...The explosion...The torment in eterna... 
UP CLOSE & PERSONAL SERIES- BOOK TWO $3.64 Fiction-38 Amazon 04/30/2015

SOME PEOPLE GET A SECOND CHANCE SOME PEOPLE BECOME THE EXAMPLE In the small town of Canten, Missouri, a storm of calamity crept into the city. One night, a horrible event, started a domino effect that shook the city's foundation. Canten was a community with a low death and crime rate. UNTI... 
If I Could: A Son's Plea $3.46 Fiction-38 Amazon 04/30/2015

Peer pressure can become life-threatening. David Washington is the product of his choices. Due to the lack of stability at home and an absent father, he is influenced by peer pressure into a dangerous lifestyle. Possessed with stubbornness, he wanders aimlessly into danger and uncharted territor... 
Trial of Injustice $6.98 Fiction-38 Amazon 04/30/2015

On a cool Thursday morning in Banker, Alabama-the body of a twenty one year old was discovered murdered. After the police and forensics inspected, with the help of fingerprints and eye witnesses, the man responsible for the heinous crime was identified as Pastor Thaddeus Ganvis. Charles 'Esquire... 
UP CLOSE & PERSONAL SERIES-BOOK ONE $0.99 Fiction-38 Amazon 04/30/2015

After the death of a close friend, a few people decided to get together for evening comfort. Little did they know that a night of leisure would turn into a unforgettable event which led to their eternal suffering. No one was prepared. No one was ready. The gates of HEll opened. Listen to their... 
Hawaii's First Campus Murder Mystery $23.36 Fiction-38 Frankie Bow, Author 03/05/2015

Small town life, big academic egos, corruption, revenge, and Spam musubis! The Musubi Murder is the first campus crime novel set in Hawaii, and the perfect gift for mystery lovers, Hawaii expatriates, disillusioned academics, and anyone who fancies Spam (the meat).  
Miss Lizzie's War $10.72 Fiction-38 Rowman & Littlefied, Two Dot Press 01/18/2015

Miss Lizzies War is a Civil War novel based on a true story. As the Civil War ground on, an underground Unionist movement flourished in the heart of the Confederacy. An unlikely leader, Elizabeth Van Lew, a wealthy and well-connected member of Richmonds elite, skillfully directed this clandestine ... 
'FIUME - THE LOST RIVER' A New Novel by Branka Cubrilo $13.72 Fiction-38 Speaking Volumes LLC, USA 07/02/2014

When a chance meeting with a mysterious, yet familiar, 'Stranger' at a party in Sydney sets off a cycle of memories, Beatrice Szabo opens Pandora's Box which she had kept under lock and key for over seventy years: she left her native town of Fiume eloping with a famous writer, an event that provoked... 
The wind of change $7.00 Fiction-38 Smashwords 05/20/2014
This is a story of a town who are idol woshippers and their law was very effective. After they had just finished their festival, they used to celebrate once in every three years. Now it was a new season. This gave opportunity to two young able men , who came far from another state to make money for ... 
Blood is thicker than water $6.00 Fiction-38 Smashwords 05/19/2014
This is a story of a young under graduate, who wanted to become a medical doctor. But the death of their father rubs them for many things. Whatever they got during the burial was taking by the family and they forcibly took their father property that was left for them to fall back on. Their mother de... 
Who to blame $5.00 Fiction-38 Smashwords 05/18/2014
This book tells you about the future of life. In the leading rule of love, paitence, tolerance and avoid quick decisions. Above all the fear of God and dedicate to work.  
Red Clover $4.99 Fiction-38 03/17/2014

Imagine feeling like an outsider. Now imagine feeling like an outsider in your own family.  
Daughters $3.99 Fiction-38 03/17/2014

Imagine growing up thinking you are white and then finding out your father is not. 
Social Issues Commentary and Articles N/A Fiction-38 Matthew J. Geiger 12/14/2013

Read articles on a vareity of social issues from Matthew J. Geiger 
Adventure for Sale $2.99 Fiction-38 Matthew J. Geiger 12/14/2013

The dark was instantly shattered by a bright light above the shadowy figures. I froze. They disappeared as the light blinked out. I breathed a sigh of relief then, all of a sudden, the blinding light flashed right above me. As I tried to shield my eyes, I could make out a strange figure approaching ... 
Chasing Harpo $11.95 Fiction-38 CreateSpace 11/30/2013

When an orangutan goes on the lam, anything can happen. Chasing Harpo hosts an intriguing cast of quirky characters you'd like to visit with longer. Including the star, Harpo -- an orangutan who believes humans are here purely for his entertainment and, of course, to deliver his food. A fun ride ... 
Metal Boxes $14.95 Fiction-38 CreateSpace 11/30/2013

Coming of age can be hard for anyone. But for Blackmon Perry Stone it is life threatening. At 15, he barely manages to graduate from the empires cadet training by a talent for unusual problem solving. He has trouble settling into navy life, but life becomes harder when he uncovers a ring of thieves... 
The Friendship Stones $11.95 Fiction-38 CreateSpace 11/30/2013

LillieBeth Hazkit is thrust into an adult world of evil and of evil men, she has to grow up much too fast, learning of love, of tribulation and of facing her demons with fire, fury, anger, and blossoming maturity. Growing up in the Ozarks in 1920, she loves everyone and in her twelve years of wisd... 
Attack on Orbital 454 N/A Fiction-38 Spitfire Publishing, LLC 11/21/2013

Time travel extremists attempt to destroy Utopia by crashing an orbital city of 500,000 onto a Muslim planet. Only four officers from a detachment of Federal Marshals survive. How they recover from the devastation is the gist of the story, but they're not fictional characters. The four are real hist... 
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